The Navigators



The Navigators is an interdenominational mission which has sought to evangelize and disciple individuals with the gospel and God’s Word for over 75 years, quietly having an impact throughout the world for Christ.

The mission began in 1933, founded by Dawson Trotman. In the early years, the Navigators were used by God to lead military men to Christ and disciple soldiers who were on the U.S.S. West Virginia and other ships during the attack at Pearl Harbor. Later , Billy Graham asked the Navigators to be in charge of following up and discipling people who trusted Christ at his crusades. The Navigators are known for their emphasis on Scripture memory, developing Bible study tools, one-on one discipleship, and helping lay people come to trust Christ and then grow in Christ-likeness. They also strongly emphasize helping Christians learn to disciple others, teaching them to walk with God. (2 Timothy 2:2).

WebsiteChuck and Lisa Fry are with The Navigators Encore ministry in Huntington, West Virginia and are the hosts of the annual Majesty of God conference. In 2012, they were richly blessed with the birth of their daughter, Heidi Grace.

Our prayer is that God would use this conference to strengthen Christ’s Church in West Virginia as we see God as the majestic King of Kings- and also see His rich grace in the gospel.